Kick’s Gobblin Thunder Turkey Choke Tube for 12 ga Mossberg

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Kick’s Gobblin Thunder Turkey Choke Tube for 12 ga Mossberg .835/.935 .670


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All of Kick's chokes feature a conical parallel design. This refers to the cone of constriction (typical) coupled with a parallel section (rarely found in other chokes) of roughly 1" where the constriction is held constant. Kick's combines this design with their exclusive directional* diagonal ports that because of their outward angle create a sharp forward inside edge which grabs stabilizes and slows the wad for faster separation of wad and shot column. This results in cleaner patterns not adversely affected by the wad.

The diagonal ports also reduce muzzle jump and recoil for faster more accurate follow-up shots. The external ported portion of the chokes extends roughly 1 3/4" from the muzzle and isn't noticable when shooting.

*Directional- The angle of the ports is 135 degree away from the shooter reducing side blast prevalent in ports 90 degree or less. This is a big plus for close quarters like duck blinds trap fields and five stand. The ports also stay clear and don't foul up like others.

The Gobblin' Thunder is a two-time winner of the NWTF still target shoot in Atlanta GA. The Gobblin' Thunder is also a two-time winner of the NWTF Ladies Open Competition and the 98 winner of the Jakes competition. Kick's has also captured many grand slam hunts. Gobblin' Thunder easily converts most 10 & 12 gauge factory-threaded barrels from a mild-mannered bird gun into a turkey hunting specialist.

Engineered from high-quality materials for durability and performance the Kick's Gobblin Thunder choke tube transforms your Mossberg shotgun into a turkey hunting powerhouse. Its extended design not only enhances pattern performance but also facilitates easy installation and removal making it a user-friendly upgrade for any hunter. The choice of serious turkey hunters this choke tube is renowned for its ability to maintain tight patterns over longer distances a feature that sets it apart in the field.

  • Precision .670 Constriction: Designed for optimal tightness and range in turkey hunting.
  • High-Quality Construction: Ensures durability and reliable performance under various hunting conditions.
  • Enhanced Pattern Density: Achieves superior accuracy and impact on target.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly design for quick changes in the field.
  • Mossberg Compatibility: Perfectly fits 12 ga .835/.935 models for a seamless upgrade.

Experience cleaner patterns and less recoil for faster and more accurate follow-up shots. Buy Kicks Gobblin Thunder Turkey Choke Tube 12ga 935/835 now!




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Kick's Gobblin Thunder Turkey Choke Tube for 12 ga Mossberg .835/.935 .670

1 in stock